Air-tickets are up to you. We recomend to look for air-tickets on web site like or but to buy it is better and more save on web site of concrete airlines. If you don't have experience with buying air-tickets on line, contact us and we will do our best to help you. Specially from USA we can arrange them for you throught travel agency.
The higest prices of air-tickets are from December till April, it is high season in the Dominican Republic.

Right now there is not any obligation because of covid. You do not need the test or vaccination, you just fill in on-line form:


Supermarket is like 5 minues by scooter. In our apartment there is furnished kitchen. Small shops available as well. It is very usual here to order the delivery.

There are restaurants as well. We are in tourist center that's why you have to expect touristic prices. But still there are some cheaper dominican buffets and fast foods. Specially fried chicken Dominicans like. Their traditional food you can try in shopping center Jan Juan. Family (4 members) spends weekly 200USD if they eat at home. Prices are: bread 2USD, milk 1l 1USD, chicken 4USD, small water 0,2USD.

Onion 1 libra 0,57USD
Potatoes 5 libras 2,78USD
Chilli 1 libra 0,96USD
Eggs 12 kusů 1,73USD, tray of eggs 3,84USD
Yoghurt 0,69USD
Butter200g 3,75USD
Margarine 227g 1,34USD
Milk1 litr 1,13USD
Chicken breast 1 libra 2,28USD
Pork1 libra 3,65USD
Beer Presidente 2,30USD
Absolut vodka 0,75 19,80USD
Tequila Jose Cuervo 750ml 22,60USD
Brugal Anejo 350ml 4,42USD
Red wine 0,75l 9,23-10,57USD
Water 5l 1,53USD
Lemonade (Sprite, Coca Cola) 2l 1,15USD
Juice 1,7l 3,44USD
Oranges 4 libras 3USD
Apples 1 libra 0,96USD
Bananas 1 libra 0,26USD
Cesar salad 4,23USD
Tuna salad 3,27USD
Sandwich 3,65USD
Tooth paste Colgate 100ml 3,27USD
Garnier micelar lotion 100ml 4,32USD
Sun cream Hawaiian 30SPF 9,61USD 240ml
Shampoo Dove 355ml 3,75USD


There is warm the whole year in the Dominican Republic. You can not make mistake with choice of your vacation. In May-June and October-November it is rainy season but it means that suddenly rain comes and after half an hour it is sunny again. In July, August and September hurricane can appear. It means that everybody knows about it, prepare, stay at home and then they enjoy the rest of holidays. Hurricanes are not very strong and very often they avoid the country. In summer it is more humid and it looks warmer.

Air temperature is 29-32°C.

Sea temperaure is 26-28°C.


If you ask about rules when driving...rules don't exist. The only rule is don't stop, don't be polite and only come in to trafic. Driving licence take with you.

Cash or credit/debit cards? In supermarkets, restaurants you can pay by card. In smaller shops, souvenir shops it is better to have cash money. Don't let anybody to leave with your card! Specialy at petrol staion. In Punta Cana you can pay with USD or Dominican pesos. 1USD - 50 pesos. You can change money in close pharmacy at petrol station.With ATM you can have troubles...Dominicans twice a mont get salary and after that ATM are empty!

There is several beaches around. "Our" beach is Bibijagua. There you have sun bes for free. Close beaches are: Cortecito, Los Corales. Macao Beach is about 20 minutes far, Bayahibe beach is about 1 hour away. Thanks to scooter which we provide (or rented car), you can visit all of them.

Close aquapark:


We recommend to buy travel insurance for your safety. In case of emergency you will call your insurance company and they will tell you to which hospital you should go. Or you can go to the nearest one but be ready that they will ask you for deposit. At least for 2.000USD cash or card. It is necessary to call your insurance company as well. When you come back home, you will give all documents to the company and they should pay you all money back. You will need all bills and report from the hospital.


People ask about safety in Punta Cana. Our answer is: Don't worry. If you don't go at night somewhere to dark small street, no reason to be scared. It is not true that there are many thieves waiting for you. If you provocate with golden jewelery, too expensive things, something can happen, but it is rare. Punta Cana is one of the safest places in the Dominican Republic, because it is touristic place and goverment wants more tourists to come. Police and security is everywhere. Our area is very safe. Only with entry pass someone can enter our district.


Money or card? At supermarkets, most of restaurants you can pay by card. At souvenir shops they normally accept cash. We don't recommend to use ATM. When you pay by card, never ever let anybody to leave with your card!

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