Airport Transportation

We provide transportation from/to airport. In case of your interest, it costs 35USD/one way from Punta Cana airport.From Santo Domingo airport it costs 110USD/one way.

When you arrive to Punta Cana airport, first you go to immigration. There you will show your passport and blue form which you got on board. There are lines, when you are lucky and you have children with you, you may go first...but it depends on the mood of employees of the airport. After that you will pick your luggage. Now employees will offer you their service. It is up to you if you want their service. When leaving the airport, you have to hand white form to securities. Sometimes they scan luggage again...


We can offer you renting a car. Prices start from 50USD per day, depends which kind of car you choose. Renting a car for one month is about 800US. The price for second scooter is 25USD per day.



Visit of the capital is traditional trip which should all tourists undertake. You will get known a lot about Dominican history, about their mentality and culture. Santo Domingo is the first city established at New World. There is beginning of the history of Latin America. The city was established by Christopher Columbus in 1496 and it was base for Spain for more gaining. The most beautiful part is La Zona Colonial, historical part of the city, on the list of UNESCO. Beuatiful local architecture will charm you. This part of the city made scene for many americal movies with mexican theme, because it wasn’t possible to shoot movies in Kuba.


Také a chance to get known the Dominican Republic with the guide who lives here. He will show you a lot of dominican culture. You wil taste real dominican coffee or cigars. Would you like to see cockfight or would you like to visit local school? All of this and much more he can show you… There are 9 stops where you will see different places and different experience.

You can visit dominican family. At the ranch you can see local faunu a flora. You can taste dominican bier and other things. You will visit nice basilica in Hiquey. Daniel will tell you a lot about dominican history, how they plant sugar cane.


On the way to national park Los Haites you will stop at Montaña Redonda. The car will take you up to 300 metres above ground where is great view 360° of Atlantic Ocean, Samana Bay and on the other side beautiful view of mountains Cordillera Orientale.

During your way on the boat you will visit two caves with indian paintings. You will float between many small islands, mangrov trees which made scene for the movie Jurastic Park.

After lunch you can have a rest and take a bath in pure river in area Ecolodge Paraíso Cano Hondo.


This excursion will take you to the market in San Pedro de Macorís. You will visit the oldest factory of hand made cigars. Close there is ron factory Barceló. You will get known how ron is made. History of one of the best ron in the Dominican Republic. In the end you will taste and in case of interest you can buz for good price.

After that we will keep going to places where one of the best chocolate is made. Place where cacao bean grow. I tis used for the best Swiss, English or Belgian chocolate. You will have opportunity to try how to harvest and you will see traditional way of making natural chocolate. Few hours you will spend in beautiful nature. Dominican lunch is included.

There is a shop where you can buy products like chocolate and other like chocolate marmelade and much more.


Saona Island is like a pearl of Caribbean. Amazing palm trees, pure water, white sand. You will go for 25 minutes by motor boat to natural swimming pool - Piscina natural, where you will make a picture with starfish. All day long coctails available for free. Lunch included. Lot of fun with animators. On the way back on catamaran (2 hours) you will learn how to dance dominican dances. At the end we will stop at souvenir shops.


Never ending palm trees, azure water and white sand. Saona Island is the most beautiful natural paradise. Ideal trip in combination with visit of Altos de Chavon village. All the time in company of guide who will explain you everything. He will show you many dominican things and tell you a lot about dominican history. Music and ron the whole day.

Our trip will start at Altos de Chavon, which is our first stop. This place was built on model of mediterranean village from 16th century. Narrow streets with ivy, amphitheatre and pretty local church. You will feel like few centuries ago.

Then we will move on to port Bayahibe and from there it is 25 minutes by motor boat to natural swimming pool Piscina Natural. There you will take few pictures with starfish, because who was in the Dominican Republic has to have picture of the starfish. Meantime ron and Cuba libre will be served to pure blue water.

Saona Island will bet he top of our adventure. Palm trees and white send will catch your heart forever. You can go for a walk, swim, relax. Lunch included. Bar available.

The way back will be on catamaran to Bayahibe. Who will feel like can learn how to dance dominican dances.

At the end there is a stop at souvenir shop.


Half day, about 5 hours trip. The airport is like 5-10 minutes from the apartment. Tranportation is included. Food and drink included. Comfort trip to see one of the most beautiful area of the Dominican Republic. You will get comfortely to Saona Island. You will see beutiful views from the helikoptér. Don’t forget cameras.

Both ways by helicopter.


Nice quiet excursion to Catalina Island. There is beautiful white beach, cocoa palm trees and pure sea. You will get there by catamaran. Then if you want, you can snorkeling, lunch time. Coctails and food included. On the way back you can practice dominican dances.


Catalina Island is ideal for beginners . Ideal for observation under water world – fishes, starfish and much more. Low deep helps to learn to dive with oxygen bomb. Trip is relaxing, you will see beautiful world under the water.

There is coral reef on Catalina Island. It is visible from deep 4 metres and 40 metres as well. It helps to people to dive even they don’t have many experiences. And profesional divers will be satisfied as well.

After that we will do second sink in Caribbean aquarium. How you expect…it is place full of exotic sea animals, fishes and corals.

The top of this trip is the shipwreck where you realise how strong ocean is. We can guess who was walking on the deck. Profesional divers can keep going to caves.


Many attractions on one place. Everybody find what they like. From small children to adults. Wide range of fun:

Horse riding. Cable car. Swimming at lagoon. Riding buggy under palm trees. Pirate’s climber wall. Zorbing. Mega trampoline. Paintball. Riding mountain bike, learning some tricks. Dino park. Riding Segway.

Some tourist complain about too long waiting for attraction. Food is quite expensive. Better places to visit.


You will enjoy this excursion. You will come back dirty but happy. Riding buggy is adventure and lot of fun. Don’t forget sun glasses. Macao beach is beautiful. You will see cocoa plantation, coffe and tobacco. You can swim in the cave, don’t forget swim suit.


Combination of quick drive on motorboat (you will have chance to ride it as well and it is great experience) and diving for no-divers. Thanks to new technology Snuba S you can even without dive certificate explore sea bottom. Thanks to oxygen tube you can breath. Profesional instructors will explain you everything and they will assist you all the time. You will see beautiful coral reefs, colored fishes and other sea animals.


If you like modern new places, go for sure to Cap Cana. The most luxurious place all around. You will walk in harbour full of luxurious yachts. You can refresh in some of beautiful restaurants or bars. Modern villas with view of the sea. Combination of modern architecture and exotic character create special format of this place.

You can visit fun park Scape park or you can visit local beautiful beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. White sand, pure water and palm trees.

We recommend to visit place called Dux, built in Swarovski style, where dance parties or romantic sunset will welcomed you.


Trip on pirate’s ship. Big pirate’s sailboat swings on waves, there are pirates with swords on the deck. They will show you how in 18th century thanks to maps found treasure. And they will show you places where sharks, stingrays and coral reefs are.

You will get instruccion how to behave on the ship. They will explain you how snorkeling facilities work. You will be welcomed with fruit and cold non alcoholic drinks - included. After while the ship will get to shark island where you can dive to sharks and stingrays. You don’t have to scared because all the time instructors will take care about you.

When you come back on the deck you will see real duel between pirates. And then we will celebrate victory with dances, ron and fun.


Half day excursion to Dolphin Park Explorer – swimming with dolphins in the sea. We recommend to leave all jewellery in the apartment because you could hurt dolphins. Swim suit put on, towel with you. Cameras won’t be allowed to use. Pictures will také Dominicans and then you can buy photoes. The price for photo with sea lion 15US, with doplhins 39US, all pictures 80US

Explorer – we recommend

This program is for adults and children from 8 years (necessary to swim). Program offers swimming with dolphins, touching him and give him a kiss. Some can touch him on his tummy. Program is for maximum 12 persons and one dolphin. Program takes about half an hour.


Are you scared of diving, but you would like to see under the water? This trip is exactly for you. You will be able to go down without oxygen bomb or diving certificate.

Experience is close to natural swimming pool Piscina Natural. You will find there many colored fishes, stingrays, starfish and even sharks. Thanks to profesional instructors it is very safe. You will get special helmet with oxygen. You will dive like 15 meters deep.

If you are scared, it is not problem. You will get snorkl and you can enjoy under water world too.

During this trip you can dance, drink non alcoholic drinks and have fun.


Do you feel like to relax and have a rest? Then there is prepared for you 3 hours long excursion on doble deck ship where you will be pampered by massager and pilates instructors. You and your mind will have a rest. Massages will be taken in cabin and if it is not enough for you, you can enjoy extra massages on floating mattress on azure pure sea.

And we can not forget fishes Garra rufa, who will clean your old skin from your foots, if you like to.

The whole time there are available fresh juices and herbal teas. In the end there will be sandwiches with salad and white wine.


Great adventure. Combination of horse riding, walking in the forest, roping down the cave and taking bath in the river. You will get known a lot about dominican history and culture and mentality.

During horse riding you will go thought national park Los Haites, where movie Pirates of the Caribbean was shooted. You will explore wide animals and exotic trees. Riding takes about 30 minutes and then 40 minutes of the walk in the forest.

When you come to mysterious cave, you will explore history of Taino Indian. We will go throught rivers and tunnels where art on stone is visible. During our sailinng we will see beautiful stalactites, stalagnities and rest of lava. Exploration of caves is adventurous, full of adrenalin, but you will be the whole time accompanied by profesional guides.


Attraction Zip line is very popular activity here in Bavaro. You will have posibility to ride on speacial steel cable long up to 700 meters in treetop which make possible amazing views of jungle and tropical trees. You will feel like monkeys who jump from one tree to another.

In the beginning you will, of course, get instrucions from guide. And then only adventure and adrenalin will come… You can have a rest as well watching Caribbean fauna and flora.

Refresh with fresh fruits, fresh dominican coffee and cold water.


Half day trip (about 4 hours). Riding the horse takes about 1,5 hours.

Ride between palm trees on golden sand. Great feelings of freedom.


Excursion to visit monkeys. First you will go by walk with the guide throught botanical garden where you will see many flowers and other flora. After 45 minutes you will get to monkeys. They will sit down on your shoulders, they like to take pictures. BUT…be careful…they like to steal cameras and cellulars. They are friendly, but you never know what is in their mind.

Monkeys will make you good mood and you will have oportunity to taste dominican specialities.


Visit of Manati Parku is perfect for families with children. You will see dolphin’s show or you can order in advance swimming with dolphins in the pool (minimal high is 120cm) and it is paid extra. Then you walk in the park, you can see parrots who prepared funny show for you. Prepare one dollar because each child will want to give one dollar to the parrot’s bill and he will put it to piggy-bank. You will see guinea pigs, domestic animals. You will see horse show. Iguanas is possible to touch and take pictures with them. There is prepared Taino show – traditional dances and culture.

Sometime some guide will offer you his service. You can but don’t have to accept it. Thanks to him you can get inside the cage of parrots and you will have nice pictures. Have few dollars with you. There are shops with refreshment. We recommend to take sun block cream and repellent.


Go for a nice trip to Redonda mountain from where is amazing view of surroundings. In the high of 300 meters above the sea you will see blue bay, two lagoons and ocean. There is the swing from where you have to have a picture. Who doesn’t have picture from there, it is like he never been in the Dominican Republic. In the price of the trip, there are 10 photoes from profesional photographer. The next attraction are brooms which make great pictures, it looks like you fly in the air.

If you get hungry, you can order local food and get known more about dominican culture.

The next stop is beautiful Macao beach with palm trees and high waves which surfers love.


Do you feel like to go to have fun and to see famous Coco Bongo? Take a chance to visit this music club. First class show are there the whole night. Profesional dancers, live music and fascinating light show. Extra show are soapy bubbles, movies or confetti.

Coco Bongo will charm you with acrobatic show or with art of local artists and singers. All night there is the show, no boring time with a drink in your hand. Spectaular club similar to Las Vegas.

And what is very pleasant? The whole time you can drink in All inclusive program everything what you like.


We are in tourist center where is a wide range of discos and clubs for tourists. But Dominicans like different kind of places. They like local places with dominican music. They like to have fun, to dance and to drink.

You have opportunity to go with Dominican to see night life in Punta Cana. He will pick you up abour midnight in the apartment and he will take you to some places he likes, to local bars. He will show you dominican dances, he will entertain you and tell you something about dominican life, mentality, coulture and history if interested. And when you feel like, you will go home. The latest time is at 3 a.m.


You will see coast of Punta Cana from the sky. Charming blue and green-blue sea under you. You will see places where Atlantic ocean and Caribbean sea mix.

You can choose from 10, 20, 30 or 40 minutes flight.

10-minutes flight - trip above Paradise, Bavaro beach full of palm trees and luxurious hotels.

20-minutes flight - Macao beach, which is famous for its high waves ideal for surfers.

30-minutes flight - above Uvero Alto beach and wide coast of Cabeza de Toro.

40 minutes - several regions of Punta Cany.

You can choose how long want to spend in the sky. The whole time you will be with professional pilot. Don’t forget cameras and cellulares.


Air-conditioned bus will take you to plantation of sugar cane where the balloon will be waiting.

Flight in the balloon will let you to see the Dominican Republic from other perspective. Extensive plantation of sugar cane, cattle, nature or city Higuey.

Due to international rules it is not allowed to smoke, to drink too much alcohol, no drugs. After that you will be taken back to the apartment.


Peace and resting in the middle of nature. It is not important if you are beginner or expert for fishing. Experience is prepared for all of you. Our guides will do their best to make your time unforgettable.

Fishing in the way of Trollingu include pullng of the bait behind the ship in different speed. The speed depends on kind of the fish. The ship is moving all the time, so it is high probability that we will catch some fish. Trolling is full of emotions. No possible to be bored, but adventure.

Fishing is fun for everybody. It doens’t matter how old you are, it is fun for all ages. It is ideal for the whole family. Not everybody has to join trollingu. Someone can only watch and to cheer. Experience from fishing is amazing and you never know if you get more oportunities to try.

All the time there are instructors available who know very well water there.


Diving course PADI Open Water Diver is the first step to become profesional diver who can dive without instructor.

PADI Open Water Diver is not only official authorisation but as well the way how to gain unique knowledge.

Course PADI Open Water Diver is for everybody who are 10 years old or more (with children one of parents has to come). No age limit but it is necessary to be healthy.

You will learn how to use scuba diving equipment. Get to know all the important safety rules. The first dive is in the swimming pool and later you will try diving in the sea. There will be theoretical and practical lectures.

When you get certificate, you will get known what euphoria is.


Close to Bayahibe area (about one hour far) there is prepared for you walk throught national park. You will get known a lot about local fauna and flora. Tropical forest is full of cactuses, acacias, bromelias and orchids. You will watch local birds and butterflies. In the end you will visit one of cave where you will take a bath.

Close to Bayahibe is unique cave Cueva del Puente. Natural cave offers to visitors amazing experience from own explore under ground tropical karst. Local karst ornamentation is absolutely great. And the charm of your own explore will make you feeling happy and proud of yourself. Two twohundrets tunnels lead to chambre with lapsed ceiling and that’s why some part is alight by sun. On the way back you go by rocky coast and beach.


Close to Bávara between the coast and mountains there are many paths for bicyclists. Available about 30 kms in good terrain , most on field roads, some parts with asphalt. Ideal for no profesional bikers as well.

There is more than 300 kms of paths in different difficultness. Always posibility to také a bath.

Price includes renting a MTB bike with service during the trip. Guide all the time with you. Transportation.

If interested, we will let you know where we will go. Electric bike available too.


Scooter - because taxis are expensive here (the cheapest ride costs 10USD) we provide scooter for two and two helmets for free. It is for you to go to the beach, supermarket or close trips. For longer journey we recommend you to rent a car.

Cooking lesson - take a chance to learn how to cook traditional dominican food.

Romantic decoration of your bedroom - if you in love or you want to surprise your are ideal for you.

Day pass to the luxurious 5* hotel - you can enjoy one day in beuatiful hotel with all-inclusive. Great price for you.

Wedding service - in case of your interest we will make your day unforgetable. Don't be shy to ask...

Profesional photo service - if you wish to have beuatiful pictures from your vacation, we provide profesional service.


We can help you to plan your round trip. It is our suggestion of program on south coast of the Dominican Republic. We estimate the price in case only 2 persons travel. In the price is everything private, no groups. Maximum of privacy. Everything is up to you. We will accomodate to your wishes.

Price 1.100USD per person includes - tranfesrs, accomodation, excursions, food and drinks on excursions (except Santo Domingo) and guide.
Extra you pay your air ticket, insurance, own food and drink. If more persons...price goes down.

  • 1 day - coming to Punta Cana, transfer to Juan Dolio - about 2 hours.
  • 2 day - chilling
  • 3 day - full day excursion to Santo Domingo - first cathedral in New World, Columbus palace, national Pantheon (long trousers for men and no naked shoulders), amber and larimar shop, market, ron. Food is no included.
  • 4 day - full day excursion to Saona Island - pearl of Carribean. Food and drink included.
  • 5 day - resting and in the evening visit of local bar
  • 6 day - transfer to Punta Cana - with stop at Cap Cana - accomodation in our apartment
  • 7 day - resting
  • 8 day - day pass in 5* all-inclusive resortu
  • 9 day - full day excursion to National Park Haitises and Montana Redonda - sailing in caves, lunch included.
  • 10 day - chilling
  • 11 day - transfer to the airport and saying good bye.

In case of your interest we can extend round trip for 4 more days in the north of the country. There you can see Samaná peninsula, waterfall El Limon, Puerto Plata city. With guide, of course. These four days cost about 520USD per person. Individual care.


Close to our apartment there are many golf courses. One of them is over the fence, others very close and the most far is Punta Espada (about half an hour by car).


18 holes golf court - from 129USD (second round 40USD)

3 round package - from 349USD

5 round package - from 499USD

Included - transportation, tees, driving range before play, golf cart, snack and drinks.

Price is 155USD, transportation included. 


From US$120 per person.

This rate includes: Shared golf cart, Driving range balls, Tees, Water & soda, Sandwich after 9 holes, Lunch and cold towel after 18 holes, Transportation.

One of a kind Jack Nicklaus Signature Design golf course with 8 ocean front golf holes and spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea from every hole. Punta Espada is currently regarded as the #1 golf course in the Caribbean and Mexico by the international and renowned publication GOLFWEEK.

Rates include: Green fee, local Taxes (ITBIS) , unlimited Practice Range Balls, Cart & Caddy fee, Scorecard, Yardage book, Tees, and Water around the golf course. Caddies are mandatory. Complimentary transportation.

Bella Vista Restaurant and Bar

In addition to the amazing golf provided at Punta Espada, our Bella Vista restaurant and bar serves world class cuisine in a picturesque destination overlooking the 18th green and the Caribbean Sea.


Free transportation to our Resort for golf we suggest you book online at There you can book the tee-times as well.


We didn't find renting diving equipment in Bavaro. But when you go for a trip with diving, then equipment is included in price.

On the beach Bibijagua there you can rent a boat with captain and equipment for 75USD per person (min. 4 persons) for half an hour of diving.

The we offer full day trips with 2 sinks. Trips are possible here in Punta Cana or it is possible to go to Saona Island or Catalina Island. Both islands are amazing, it worths to go. Price is 130-170USD per person. In the price is equipment, food and drink included. Guide of course.
Another possibily is to go for diving to Bayahibe, about one hour away. Price 195USD (min. 5 persosn) includes equipment, food, drink, transfer and guide.
PADI licence necessary!

If you have special licence for caves, then you can try caves here in the DOminican REpublic. Price is about 400USD per person. In the price is equipment, food, drink, quide included. 

The Dominican Republic is paradise for all divers. In case you don't have your licence yet, you can undertake divng course. It is for everybody from 10 years. You begin in the pool and then you will go tot the sea. YOu will get know all details about safety and in the end you get your PADI  licence.

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